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The nationwide Covid-19 quarantines pose an unprecedented challenge to educators...and parents! At Westinghouse Arts Academy, we see it as an opportunity. We had core instruction up and running for our students the day after the closure. Arts instruction was launched a week later. Our kids will get 180 days of uninterrupted, rigorous instruction this year. 

For our next act, we're offering that expertise and instruction to the community. We've been asked to fill in the blanks especially for kids who attend schools that aren't up and running, or offering arts content. On this page, you can access links to short, online classes adapted from the content we're offering our students, as well as community partners. We invite you to take part, select any class below to get started.

For questions, comments, suggestions or other help, please email info@westinghousearts.org.

Learn this composition technique for photography and videography with Media Production teacher Liz Speed.
Learn this basic but universal technique for grayscale to try out new supplies, taught by Studio Artist Bailey Chick.
jazz combinations
Learn a new jazz dance combination with Dance Dept. Lead James Washington.
atmospheric perspective
An exercise in painting and perspective, taught by Studio Artist Bailey Chick.
kevin kino
Guest Instructor Kevin Kino breaks down five of 10 key composition terms for camera enthusiasts. 
kino patterns
Finish exploring the remaining 5 core composition concepts for photography and studio arts beginners!
Acting, singing and current events converge in this lesson taught by theatre teacher Mallory Grantz.
Literary arts teacher Josette Kurey leads an introductory lesson on writing and jumpstarting creativity.
Learn how to be a game designer with digital media arts teacher Jason Sinicrope!

Coming soon...

Theatre arts: Tableaus technique
Digital: Cinematography storytelling

As well as content from vocal music, instrumental music, and more!

Proudly Supporting Artists

If you are a teaching artist who would like to pitch a lesson to add here, please email info@westinghousearts.org with details on your expertise and lesson. If accepted, teaching artists are paid for lessons. 

Additionally, numerous organizations around Pittsburgh and beyond have terrific resources available to extend your learning. Check these out:

  • Steeltown Entertainment has additional film and video opportunities.
  • James Washington posts weekly and even daily dance tutorials from around the web on our dance department Instagram.

For questions, comments, suggestions or other help, please email info@westinghousearts.org.

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Westinghouse Arts Academy Charter School is a public high school located east of Pittsburgh. We’re tuition-free, and open to any student in grades 9-12 who is located in Pennsylvania. We're dedicated to achievement in both traditional academics as well as six unique and comprehensive arts programs: